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Acevedo also said the NFL

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“It might be the highest priority for Madden Mobile Coins [the] lieutenant governor, I can tell you we had three homicides the night of the Super Bowl in the city of

Houston, and we’d like to find it, but I don’t think we’re burning the midnight oil worrying about a jersey.” Acevedo said on Austin's 104.9 The

Horn, via the Austin American-Statesman . “It’s just not the biggest, greatest importance in the big scheme of things.”

In the grand scheme of things, Acevedo is right: The safety of others does trump finding a jersey, albeit a very lucrative jersey. Read This  Texas Rangers put on the case of Tom Brady's

missing jersey Ron Clements

Acevedo also said the NFL was in Buy Madden 18 Coins charge of monitoring the locker rooms, so it was the league that missed the culprits stealing the jersey, not Houston

PD.“I told those guys, ‘Hey guys, we’ll give it a run, but let’s keep things in perspective, it’s a jersey,'” Acevedo said. Giants' Eli Manning,

slayer of Patriots, has unique legacy | NFL | Sporting News

For the rest of the time professional football is played, America will look back at nearly two decades of dominance by the New England Patriots, Bill

Belichick and Tom Brady, and ask itself … “The Giants? Huh? Eli Manning? What?”Those will be the questions about Manning’s NFL legacy, too.How do

you assess his career and where he stands among the quarterbacking greats?

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