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More than 15 percent of women complain of extreme level of inconvenience and pain during the monthly flow. This is the condition which affects millions of women but they rarely discuss this with their physician , although there may be some women who complain of pain even when they have normal flow. Underlying disorder of the uterine such as fibroids, polyps, endometriosis, thyroids conditions, liver or kidney diseases , PCOS, infections or intake of medicines can cause the pain.

There are many painkillers which are taken by women for blocking pain during the menstrual cycle. This restricts the production of prostaglandins which is responsible for pain during the monthly flow. The regular intake of the chemicals found in these medicines can harm the lining of stomach and cause irritation. It can cause vomiting, nausea and in certain conditions, diarrhea. There are many long-term side effects of taking such harsh chemicals for reducing pain. Natural tips to cure painful periods problem is to take herbal remedies which are empowered with natural painkillers and phyto chemicals that can regulate the monthly cycle.

Natural tips to cure painful periods problem:

To ease menstrual pain Gynecure capsules can be taken. The herbs in the capsule work as astringents that can reduce the problems of inflammation, wound and infections of micro organism to the female organs. The herbs contain phyto chemicals which can restrict the release of prostaglandins which causes pain during monthly cycle. The herb such as Guattaria longifolia and Symplocos racemosa are traditionally used to cure the uterine pain and inflammation. It cures the condition of fibroids in women which is main cause for pain and excess bleeding in many women.

These herbs can be taken to ease menstrual pain and inconvenience. It can improve the digestion of food and reduce the symptoms of diarrhea during monthly flow. Diarrhea can be seen in women who suffer from extreme pain because the release of chemicals such as prostaglandins triggers the contraction of intestinal muscles which causes stomach pain and diarrhea.

The bark of the medicinal tree Randia dumetorum contains phyto chemicals such as triterpene , mannitol, saponins, coumarin glycosides which can reduce such pains. It can treat many forms of inflammation, wounds and has antibacterial properties to cure any form of infections in the body. It has anti allergic and immuno modulatory properties. The herb can cure ulcer, abscess , wounds and infections to the uterus to cure symptoms of fibroids and inflammation. The phyto-chemicals are rich in compounds which can regulate the endocrine flow and restrict the flow of pain causing chemicals. It reduces the symptoms of dysentery as well. It works as astringent and is rich in antioxidants. One of the widely used natural tips to cure painful periods problem is to take herbal remedies which are empowered with such rare herbs.

In short, the best natural tips to cure painful periods problem involve taking adequate level of nutrients and foods rich in vitamin B complex, vitamin E, zinc and calcium. Omega-6 fats are also effective in empowering the female body to prevent such problems. Herbs can be taken to ease menstrual pain as it can cure the uterine conditions such as polyps, fibroids and regulate the release of prostaglandins.
Talks between Greece and its creditors in the 19-country eurozone broke down Thursday without agreement or even a plan of action on how to move forward on the country's debts and bailout.

Following an emergency meeting of the eurogroup in Brussels , the two sides failed to even issue a statement, a sign that a compromise deal over Greece's debts at next Monday's follow-up meeting will be a struggle.

Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the head of the eurogroup of finance ministers, said detailed proposals weren't even discussed, adding that there wasn't enough common ground to chart the road to the next meeting.

"It was my ambition to agree on the steps to take the next couple of days so we could spend them well and make more progress between now and Monday ," he said. "Unfortunately we've not been able to do that so we will continue our talks on Monday and move on from there."

Europe has been embroiled in another Greek crisis following the election of the radical-left Syriza government last month. The new government was elected on a mandate to drastically reduce the burden of the country's bailout and the associated budget austerity measures, which it blames in large part for the country's economic woes. Despite a recent modest return to growth, the Greek economy is around 25 percent smaller than it was and poverty and unemployment rates have swelled.

Not deterred by the failure to agree to a new plan, Greece's finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis , laid out the hope that progress could be made at Monday's meeting.

"We had a very constructive and extensive discussion of all the facets of the Greek crisis and the way in which the eurogroup can facilitate the transition to a new phase in the history of the Greek social economy so we overcome the debt deflationary crisis, the humanitarian crisis and so on," Varoufakis said.

Varoufakis said a deal at this meeting, his first as finance minister, was never on the cards.

"We understand each other much , much better now than we did this morning, so I think this is a major achievement because, you know, from understanding, the agreement follows ," he said.

If Belgium's finance minister, Johan Van Overtveldt, is any guide, Monday's meeting could go either way.

"Like it was today it went from left to right and up and down, and so it's hard to take an average of it , but it will continue to be a very difficult discussion," he said.

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